May be 2019 Indian Premier League in South Africa

,May be 2019 Indian Premier League in South Africa


K Srinivasa Rao, Cape Town
The biggest thrill of South Africa in the last decade has been seen in the 2009 Indian Premier League. The sweet memories of the celebration of the 45-day event that took place in 2009, many people are fresh.
The next year in India, that is, 2019 general elections are to be held. And that year IPL will also be played. In this case, both dates are expected to hit. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been preparing for its preparation from now.

So far nothing is decided but the Cricket Board does not want to take any risk. In April-May next year, there can be general elections in India, in such a way, the board does not want to take any kind of risk. He wants to be ready to shift the tournament to another country when needed.

In such circumstances, the BCCI will have only two options. If the tournament is completely shifts then it will be held in South Africa, as it happened in 2009 and if some part of the tournament is shifted to another country then it can be transferred to UAE. This happened in 2014.

Sources say that all the options are open to the board. Not only this, if the general elections are conducted ahead of time, the initial part of this big cricket tournament can be played in India only. The BCCI is also considering the plan. Cricket South Africa is very excited about it. Indeed, in South Africa, there will be general elections in 2019 next year. Local people believe that there can be general elections between March and July at any time.

But, cricket South Africa is expected to fix the schedule by talking to local officials.

The 2019 World Cup for the BCCI is going to be challenging anyway. The ICC 50th World Cup is being started in England from May 30. According to the recommendations of the Supreme Court appointed by the Lodha panel, there should be a gap of 15 days between the IPL and the World Cup. It should be that according to International Cricket Council guidelines countries should reach the host country two weeks in advance.

To coordinate with the Lodha panel and World Cup deadline, the BCCI has started working on plans to make the IPL 15-20 days earlier. Sources said, “It is a reason that the possibility of moving part of the IPL is high and if this happens then this place can be UAE.”

Despite this, Cricket South Africa’s officials have a memorable moment in the 2009 tournament. Sources in Cricket South Africa said, “More obsession with sports in South Africa was seen only for the FIFA World Cup. Even in the case of thrillers, the 2003 World Cup has remained behind the IPL.

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